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Clean, safe, and delivered right to your door—propane is the perfect energy source for you home, farm, and business. Our propane products and programs come with our commitment to customer service, and we work hard to build a reputation for responsive service.


  • LP for home, grain dryers, livestock facilities, and businesses
  • Bulk propane contracting programs
  • Budget Pay program enables you to divide your annual home heating bill into equal monthly payments
  • Winter Pre-pay program for home heating
  • LP tank sales and leasing
  • New tank installations
  • Summer fill program
  • Keep fill program
  • LP system safety checks

Know the smell of propane. If you smell gas...

  1. Get everyone out of the home/building.
  2. Attempt to shut off valve at tank.
  3. Call your propane supplier.
  4. Call 911 for emergency services, if needed.
  5. DO NOT use a telephone inside of the home or near the tank.
  6. DO NOT turn any lights off or on inside the home/building.
  7. DO NOT light any matches or lighters inside or near the home.
  8. DO NOT attempt to light the pilot light.
  9. DO NOT attempt to locate the leak.
  1. Fred CrowellFred Crowell LP Manager & Delivery